From Virtual Nurses To Drug Discovery: 65+ Artificial Intelligence Startups In Healthcare

Earlier this year, consulting firm Frost & Sullivan predicted that artificial intelligence in healthcare will see a “dramatic market expansion” in the next couple of years, with the potential to reduce the cost of medical treatments by half across the board.

By 2025, AI systems could be involved in everything from population health management, to digital avatars capable of answering specific patient queries,” said Harpreet Singh Buttar, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

With this in mind, we identified companies that are already applying machine learning techniques and predictive analytics to reduce drug discovery times, provide virtual assistance to patients, and diagnose ailments by processing medical images, among other things. We published the market map below in April 2016 and updated it on 5/24/2016, adding over 35 companies to it and removing ones that exited, like MetaMind, which was recently acquired by Salesforce.

How Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Healthcare

In 2013 Jeopardy! fans were blown away as IBM’s supercomputer WATSON wiped the floor with longtime champion Ken Jennings. Now WATSON HEALTH AI is being used in 16 cancer institutes across the country, helping to diagnose and treat patients. Meanwhile Google, not to be outdone, has launched DeepMind, which recently earned the title world champion of the complex game of Go. Now, DeepMind Health will create innovative new apps for healthcare professionals alerting them to patient emergencies, and the risk of complications when considering possible treatment options. Progenitors say that someday, it should even be able to predict a patient’s needs down the pike.

Business are starting to see the potential in artificialintelligence customer service

Interest in the use of artificial intelligence in theworkplace is continuing to heat up. This is exemplified by Interactions, avirtual assistant start-up, which announced on Tuesday that it has secured $56million during its most recent funding round, TechCrunch reports. The round wasthe largest to date, bringing the company’s total funding to around $130million.

Why IoT Will Give Rise To Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) has received massive coverageand widespread adoption. What few people have stopped to consider thus far iswhere these connections will take us. As chatbots become more popular, we’rebearing witness to a move toward further machine learning. As the naturalprogression from smart objects to learning objects occurs, this new wave willencompass the globe.

What does artificial intelligence mean for the creativemind?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) havehuge potential to drive a new generation of creative brand experiences. Theyare at the forefront of a powerful shift that will bring brands closer toconsumer expectations, passions and emotions. Assistive and smart technologiesare catching up and we’re already facing a new world of possibilities.

How the likes of Google and Apple are embracingartificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the technology du jour. With someof the world’s best and brightest minds queueing up to work in the space, it’shardly surprising tech firms across the globe have jumped on the bandwagon.Start-ups such as Magic Pony and Rainbird are pouring their time and resourcesinto the technology, which many believe has the potential to change our livesforever. But it’s not just start-ups that are embracing AI. Silicon Valley techdarlings such as Facebook and Google are also getting involved.

We Are Already Experiencing The Rise Of ArtificialIntelligence

Every Monday morning, 75 million Spotify users logon totheir devices and play a “Discover Weekly” playlist that’s beencurated to their musical preferences. Unbeknownst to many, the custom playlistthey’re enjoying was curated by a machine learning algorithm that has learnedtheir unique musical preferences based on previous interactions with songs, musicians,and playlists.