Why Attend the Artificial Intelligence for Health & Life Sciences Conference?

The last decade has seen incredible developments in the data we routinely generate. With 80% of this information unstructured, our ability to use technology to analyse and derive insight from it is increasingly important. Data analytics, and more recently artificial intelligence, widely adopted in various industries, have slowly infiltrated into health and life sciences.

With Artificial Intelligence poised to revolutionise everything from R&D productivity and genomic analysis to diagnostics and patient outcomes, it is more important than ever to provide a platform for education, collaboration and discussion.

The conference will bring together leaders from a multitude of disciplines to show case new technological advances and translational case studies, to highlight not only the potential applications for artificial intelligence in health and life sciences, but also the barriers to its adoption and practical implementation.

The Artificial Intelligence in Health and Life Sciences Conference is a place for top data scientists, practicing clinicians, government and regulatory bodies, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss ideas, form collaborations and identify strategies for development.